Student newscast story on VeoRide bikeshare service at the University of Illinois, UI 7 News, March 7, 2019. Link.

Keba Arnold interviews Jesus Barajas about why Latino immigrants prefer not to take public transit on The Four on Two, KTVU Fox 2, May 26, 2016. (Video unavailable.)

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Canan Tasci, Cal Poly Pomona Professors Take Part in Conference, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, November 4, 2009. Text available on Flickr. (N.B.: I did not say transpiration in the interview.)

For fun

Dave Padilla interviews Jesus Barajas and Brian Patrick about curling's broom controversy, KCBS News, November 21, 2015.

Nina Thorsen, Wannabe Curlers 'Hurry Hard' to Bay Area Curling Club Clinics, KQED News, February 21, 2014.